How does Wii Mail Work?

This is how the Wii Mail system works, this is using both Wiiconnect24 and Riiconnect24's server ideas.

The basic rundown consists of the mail being sent through Nintendo's [or if RC24, Larsen's] eMail servers, and then being flagged if it is by one of the players' friends or by Nintendo themselves, if not, it isn't sent, otherwise, it is sent. More advanced things can be seen below.

Mii sending works very simply. The mii files sent to a friend is sent as an attachment with a special type so the Mii Channel reads it. Using the same algorithms as above.

Wii Shop gifting is also simple, it uses the "Launch Channel" code in the mail, so that it tells them that they can go to the channel now and claim their gift.

Wiiconnect24 banners are literally downloads with about 1 minute or two as an interval to wait until next download.

Games send you messages from using the "Wii_APP" type of mail, which is a type of mail sent by an app. These are just for achivements or notifications, like in Wii Sports, where it tells you if you made a new Mii account and how you shouldn't delete the Mii.

Letterbomb exploits use of the SD Card and saving messages to the SD card. This uses it and then loads a homebrew program.

Special Thanks to Nintendo, Riiconect24, and the people who helped bring NWC24Editor to me so I could study this stuff.

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