Q: So... Why did the game have mixed reviews when it came to the Nintendo 64 and Windows version?

A: It turns out that these versions of the games had trouble when it came to many things, such as the conversion from discs to cartridges and vice versa for PC. It's not that easy to bring a PS1 game to the N64 unlike how easy it is to bring a PS4 game to the Nintendo Switch now!

Q: I noticed that this was a pseudo-sandbox game and you can do bad deeds. Can this affect my gameplay?

A: Depends on how you look at it. In the first game, if you do bad deeds, you can get darker armor and people will say bad things about you, but the main game will not change, albeit prices for parts will be a bit higher than usual. Other than that, you will still be doing the same things in the story you always did!

Q: Is there any other way to get the dog chasing Tron out of the way?

A: Depends on your version, in the NTSC-U [USA] and PAL [EUROPE] versions, there is no other way, but in the NTSC-J [JAPAN] version, you can actually take a more evil approach and... kick the dog. This is unconfirmed, but I believe this will make you more likely to be hated by the townspeople and will also affect the ending in which the dog doesn't like you!

Q: Is it possible to play as other characters?

A: No. Although, with cheats or a development version, you can in the second game.

Q: Are there any easter eggs and references?

A: There are, check out the easter eggs and references page!

Q: What kinds of monstrosities can happen with the shining laser?

A: Click here. It tells all.

Q: Is there a disassembly project like Pokemon or Sonic has?

A: Sadly, no. I wish for there to be that so ROM hacks would become more common.

Q: Can I play this on my PS3, PS4, PSP, or PSVita?

A: You can! Well, on the PS3, PSP, and PSVita anyway. It's on the PSN Store for 10 dollars as a PSone Classic.

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